Ambassador Program

CLEARSTEM's ambassador program is a commission based opportunity, created for those individuals who have built an engaged following and are interested in sharing their love for CLEARSTEM's education and products.

There are lots of fun perks, exclusive products and bundles, as well as free product and IG Live opportunities.

Please fill out your information below and our Partnerships Manager, Colleen, will reach out if we believe it is a good fit

Why You Should Join:

- You’ll receive a discount code and affiliate link to share for 15% off for all eligible CLEARSTEM products

- 10-20% commissions on all orders based on a tiered structure. No cap on commissions!

- Free product for having sales over $200 each month

- Free quarterly Masterclass with live Q&A

- Opportunities for collaborations and IG lives with the CLEARSTEM Founders

- Be the first to know about new product launches and campaigns + invites to private CLEARSTEM events


Jess Clarke

"Clearstem has completely changed my skin and my business. The ambassador program is so fun to be a part of because the product formulations are so unique and the founders and team are fun and incredibly responsive! It is the only product line that has positively impacted every single one of my clients and there is something in it for everyone."


Mimi Lindquist

"Getting to the root cause of chronic acne can be rough. And anyone who has dealt with persistent acne understands the mental battle it takes you through. Mere words are not enough to express my gratitude for the Clearstem products. They helped me heal my skin, as well as deepen my self love and confidence. And priceless!"


Dr. Kristina Telhami

"CLEARSTEM has helped me so much with my skin journey. I had been dealing with an underlying infection that was causing my acne, but had no idea how to manage it while healing my body internally. After finding CLEARSTEM, my skin has forever changed. Being a Functional Medicine Practitioner, it is important for me to share and use products that are 100% nontoxic. Whenever I have clients struggling with acne and we are healing their bodies internally, I always recommend CLEARSTEM. I will always be a fan and I am so proud to be working with a company I trust completely! I don't know a single person who hasn't loved it either!"


Candice Everhart

"CLEARSTEM has changed not only the health of my skin, but also the skin of sooo many of my clients struggling with acne. Knowing that CLEARSTEM is nontoxic is huge. I preach to all of my clients that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put inside our body and CLEARSTEM gets it. I am forever grateful for the products and community CLEARSTEM has provided me."


Want to Join?