You Ask, We Answer: How Does Natural Skincare Fit Into My Routine?

Natural. Organic. Clean.

These are HUGE buzzwords when it comes to skincare.

But what do they really mean?

Is all-natural the future of skincare?

Truth is, while there are many natural ingredients that are great for skin, natural may not always be the way to go.

What to Know About Natural Skincare

#1 The “natural” label isn't regulated. This means there's no set standard of what natural skincare is. What brands say is natural may not fit your definition of natural.

#2 Just because an ingredient is natural doesn’t mean it's safe (hello, poison ivy).

#3 For some of us, certain natural ingredients – even essential oils – can trigger allergies and cause skin irritation.

#4 Not every natural ingredient is effective and some may even cause more issues. (Anyone ever experienced a breakout from coconut oil or shea butter when applied to the wrong place? ?????)

#5 100% natural products are harder to preserve, making them ideal homes for bacteria (think that forgotten bag of salad leaves sitting in the back of your fridge).

#6 Because of #5, ‘natural’ skincare products often have unnatural preservatives or stabilizers. So, is it still natural?

#7 There is no such thing as “chemical-free skincare”. Yes, you might have seen the term thrown around by brands but everything around us is a chemical. Oxygen, water, and even our bodies are made of chemicals.

What to Use in Your Routine Instead 

Both natural and synthetic ingredients have their place in skincare. 

The point is to not subscribe to just one side and miss out on all the good stuff from the other. Prioritize skincare that is effective and able to deliver all that you love about natural ingredients to your skin.  

How do we do this?

We bring together the best of both worlds.

Clearly Basics combines the best of natural and lab-made ingredients. This means we get the benefits of the natural, with effective concentrations and formulations designed to absorb well and target your skin concerns.

Fun fact: Many of the skincare ingredients we know and love – including retinol and hyaluronic acid – are synthetic copies of naturally occurring ingredients.

What’s most important is to find a skincare product that is safe and works for YOUR skin.

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